Founder & Head Instructor

Hiromi McPhail

Certified Pilates Instructor (East and West Studio, Toronto)

Certified Taichi Instructor (Qi-Gong by Master Philipe Lai)

CPR , First Aid and AED certified

CCAA certifies senior fitness instructor

Reiki level 1 & 2

Cosmic Healing 1 by TAO Center

Heart-wise trained 

Hiromi's passion is in sharing her knowledge of physical fitness and emotional well-being to help everyone improve their physical/mental well-being and quality of life.

She began in the fitness profession after the birth of her 3rd child in 1998. She is certified and experienced in many forms of physical fitness, relaxation and meditation, life coaching, and personal training.


She works with clients of all ages, skills and physical conditions. She especially enjoys working with clients who seek to reduce stress and to create harmony in their personal lives. She will work with you to enhance your physical/mental well-being to bring about a new healthy life-style.

She lives her life with the simplicity of Zen, with her personal philosophy "Life is an ocean, Living is an art".

Our Instructors

Ruth Peron
National Certificate in Aged Care (Australia)
National Certificate in Leisure and Health (Australia)
National Certificate in Training and Assessment (Australia )
Instructor/Leader for Tai Chi for Arthritis & Diabetes (Dr. Paul Lam Tai Chi for Health Institute)

Since Ruth mastered Tai Chi in Australia and New Zealand in 2008, she has been teaching at senior homes and in the community. Tai Chi harmonizes her body and brain, making her feel whole and relaxed.

Barbara Mackie
Certified Yoga Teacher (White Lotus foundation, California)

Barbara has been leading yoga classes for 15 years, and has come to regard yoga practice as the best companion for life. Her interest in the physical postures gradually evolved into a deeper understanding that yoga helps us develop not only strength and steadiness in the body, but in the mind and spirit as well.

Barbara aims to to encourage students to modify poses on a constant basis, then find peace or patience or perhaps some humor in whatever shape comes up!

Andrew Gill
Certified Seniors' Fitness Instructor (Canadian Centre for Activity, Aging and SPI)

Andrew has been working as a personal trainer and a fitness instructor for over 20 years, helping people achieve their health and fitness goals. His aim is to motivate people to participate in regular activity.

He also offers private tennis lessons.

Lorraine Amyot

Instructor Chair Tai Chi


Reconnective Healing

Lorraine enjoys helping seniors achieve and maintain wellness through Tai Chi.
She brings 10 years experience working with clients that have dementia, alzheimers and/or developmental disabilities.
Philip Tai-Foo Lai


President of the Philip Lai Qi Gong Association

Certified Naturopath therapist

Master Instructor of Qi Gong, Tai Chi and Kung Fu

Energy Healer and expert in 5 elements Feng Shui, Chinese acupressure and massage

He has over 45 years’ experience in teaching and healing and has successfully treated many people with serious conditions such as 11 days in coma, stroke and other brain injuries, heart attack, depression, 10 years of paralysis on one side of the body after stroke, Insomnia, hallucinations, cancer, severe pain and depression. In 2012 May, he had been invited as Master instructor in The World Congress on Qigong and Traditional Chinese Medicine. 
His passion is to help others brings happiness, satisfaction and balance to their life by offering ongoing classes and special workshops that enable the participants to learn Qi Gong and Tai Chi exercises, meditation and other techniques  to help them manage their stress, maintain their peaceful and harmony mind, improve their health and well-being, explore their potential, maximize their performance.
Philip, his instructors and members have trained thousands of people in Qi Gong, Tai Chi, Kung Fu, Acupressure, Chinese Massage, Meditation, Energy Healing and Traditional Chinese Medicine in Ottawa, Toronto and Montreal.
Eva Schacherl
Eva has loved movement and dance since the age of five. Trained in ballet, jazz and modern dance, she later studied yoga, tai chi, latin dance and swing. She believes that dance and tai chi balance our mental and physical energies. She enjoys sharing the joy of movement with seniors and contributing to their health and well being.
Maasa Sasaguri

Certified Respiratory Therapist (Japan)
Certified Physical Therapist (Japan)
Recreational instructor for the physically disabled (Japan)

Maasa has 9 years of experience as a physio-therapist, working with patients with stroke, spinal injury, cerebral paisy, skeletal problems and internal disease. She is a certified Zumba instructor and teaches chair Tai Chi. She especially enjoys working with seniors.
Gloria Goodine

Certified Fitness Instructor, YMCA/World Bank, Washington, D.C., U.S.A;

Certified Tai Chi Instructor in 24 Forms, Wu Shu Tai Chi Federation, Barbados;

Certified Tai Chi Instructor, Basic Forms, Tai Chi Training, Ottawa, Canada;

Certified Qi Gong Beginners Instructor, Lamas Qi Gong Association of Canada;

Certified in Emergency First Aid, CPR/AED, Canadian Red Cross;

Membership, Holistic Chamber of Commerce, U.S.A;

Membership, the Council on Aging of Ottawa, Canada; Membership in IDEA, (International Dance/Education Association) and International Association of Fitness Professionals U.S.A;

Membership in the Sacred Dance Guild of Canada

Originally from Hong Kong, Gloria has over 40 years' experience in the fitness industry. She has been fortunate to use this knowledge by teaching while living in many parts of the world - North America, the Caribbean, Europe, Africa and Asia. Gloria enjoys different forms of movement, from aerobics, belly dancing, SharingDance (an annual Canada Day dance performed at the National Arts Centre by seniors, and sponsored by the National Ballet School of Canada), as well as Sacred Dance, and is currently teaching Tai Chi to different age groups. She especially enjoys teaching seniors and encourages them to have fun while doing it! As a holistic practitioner, Gloria promotes her wellness program -SHIELD(which stands for S-sleep, H-handle stress, l-interaction, E-exercise, L-life-long learning, and D-diet) in order to assist others to integrate this approach into their own wellness. She strongly believes in a balanced lifestyle and continues to share this philosophy wherever she can.
Amany loves sports, movements and belly dance since the age of seven. She attained her Zumba certification to continue her hobby and a professional career. She believes that dance improves our mental and physical health. She performs/teaches Zumba on a chair for seniors, and enjoys  contributing  to their health and well- being. 
Yuko Suzuki

Certified Vinyasa Flow, Yin and YogaFitR Sweat Instructor

Certified Taichi and chair-Taichi Teacher

Certified Senior Fitness Instructor (to-be in 2020)

Certified Cosmic Healing I

Standard CPR, First Aid and AED Certified

Yuko’s journey to fitness and wellness began in 2003 when she first encountered Hatha yoga in Spain. She continued her yoga practice in Japan and Canada, and was first certified as a 200 hour Vinyasa Yoga instructor in 2016 and then Hot and Yin yoga in 2019. She has been teaching in group and corporate environment as well as taking on private clients.

She has trained with Hiromi and was certified as Taichi and chair Taichi instructor in 2019.

Also she has taken the certification training for Fitness for Seniors, and is learning and teaching Qigong.

She is passionate about providing safe and catered practice for each group in the welcoming environment.

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