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Foot Care

Don’t you feel so good and free when you take off shoes after a long day?

I bet your feet are tired, burning and the toes are all crunched together.

Your feet support of all your weight and can be called “the second heart”.

Can you open your toes? When you do, you will immediately feel the blood start to move. Besides increasing blood circulation, toxins that have built up in the toes will start to move.

When you are able to move your toes inside of shoes, you become better balanced overall, reduce your risk of falling down or tripping, and walk properly.

You can effect quite a change in the health of your feet simply by stretching your toes more often.

When you don’t have healthy toes:

· Your weight on your feet is distributed unevenly. This can lead to lower back pain, shoulder pain, knee joint pain and poor posture.

· Poor circulation in the toes can also effect muscle strength in the legs.

If your feet are cold and can’t sleep?

Try stretching your toes before you go to bed. Your feet will warm up and it will be easier to fell asleep. Try the toe stretchers shown below: (Please don’t walk while you are wearing toe stretchers!)

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