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The Importance of Good Hydration

We all heard taking 8-10 glasses water a day will provide a healthy life style.

Why do we need to drink water?

Water is the substance of life. We need to drink water to survive .

Our body is approximately 60% of water, our brain is 70% water,blood is nearly 90-96% water and our lungs are nearly 90% water.

Here is another way to calculate:

Weight ✖️ 30ml = Daily needs water

For example: 60 kg ✖️ 30 ml = 2100 (2.1 L)

But it is not necessary to take all water only for drinking.

If you eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, there are about 500ml water from taking them.

Also, the action of digestion will create about 600ml of water.

Remember: Don’t wait until you get thirsty to drink your water.

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