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Hold your head high

Focus your eyes 15 feet to 20 feet in front of you

Keep your chin parallel to the ground = Tuck you r chin under + Lifted Upper Abs + Lifted Chest

Gently tighten stomach muscles

Tuck your pelvis under your torso

swing your arms in a natural motion

Position your feet parallel to each other, shoulder width a part

Land from heel - ball of foot- toes.

Make sure you finish landing with big toe and baby toe evenly.

Keep you knees slightly soft, avoid locked knee joint.

Squeeze the Gluteals (buttocks) when you lift back of foot. EVERY STEP!

Walking with perfect posture will burn much more calories and reduce accident of tripped over or falling down.

Feel you back of body as much as you can instead of front of body.

Be confident with every step.

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