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Natural Items

To be calm and peaceful at home, I use natural items as much as I can.

I use shells and wood as a soap dish, jewelry tray and decorations.

I picked up the shells on the beach from Pacific Ocean, Atlantic Ocean and Caribbean Sea.

I have found different pieces of wood from different lake and river in Canada.

They are often less than perfect, but still attractive and all are free from nature.

It took me many years to find coasters which I really like. I have tries stone and glass coasters, but all seemed man-made. Finally I found the perfect coasters for me. These are curved by a Japanese handcraft man in the mountains in Japan. Each is unique and follows the natural shape of the wood. Each is the perfect size for two cups/ glasses. My 5 coasters hold 10 cups!

I love knitting. I crouched a plant holder with 100% New Zealand pure wool.

Before you relax or meditate, look around you.

What do you see? Too many plastics? Wires everywhere? too many colours? lots of clutters?

Surrounded yourself with by natural items. More empty space and less clutter will keep you calm and peaceful.

Be simple.

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