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The structure of core

What we all core is your body excluding your head, arms and legs. Simply put, it is your torso, inner and outer muscled which surround pelvic, spine, ribs and scapulae.

Function of Core:

1) Hold and protect inner organs such as lungs, heart and stomach in the right position ensuring they function properly (life support).

2) Support your body (posture maintenance).

3) Enable you to move your body freely (core strength).

The structure and function of core are composed by 3 layer of muscles.



◆Nerve System

◆Outer Muscles :You can see and touch. Involve big and strong movements and to hold posture.

◆Inner Muscles:Stability of the posture

- Internal control of chest, back and ab muscles = corset function

- Improve functioning of lower abdomen and support the spine from deep inside of body.

- Chest, back, Ab muscles + Diaphragm + Pelvic floor muscles =

Inner muscles

◆Nerve system ⇒Spinal control of movement/sending message to and from brain-spine-muscles

- A healthy spine requires well-functioning vertebra

- Proper position and movement of spine controls posture and movements.




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