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I started to take acupuncture treatment to improve my eye sight in 2016 at Hampton Wellness Clinic in Ottawa Canada.

My eyes were changing due to age. I had to wear reading glass.

My acupuncturist Cecilia focused on treatment of liver to improve my eyes. There is a direct relationship between the eyes and liver in Chinese medicine.

To improve liver function, I had to stop salty and spicy food.

Cecilia also insisted that I drink a warm water instead of cold water.

After 5 weeks treatment my eyes have become stronger so I that I no longer need reading glasses any more.

I really trust Cecilia’s treatment so I see her regularly for facial acupuncture now. This type of facial treatment is free of any chemical at all. Its focus is natural healing power.

It really feel the rejuvenation of every cells on my face and feel my whole body’s blood circulation has improved.

It’s just like a spa.

During the treatment, I always seem to fell in sleep for a half hour.

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