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One mouth two ears

Are you good at verbal communication?

Most people want to talk more than listen. But to communicate well, one must also listen and observe.

Good communication also depends on how we listen and how we speak.

“One mouth two ears” is based on Jewish proverb.

Probably you have heard…..

God provided us two ears and one mouth because god seriously considered that listening is more important than speaking.

Listening to others is essential for communicating. One must always listen to understand what is being spoken.

Why listening is so important?

1) Seldom does one learn by speaking, but one will always learn by listening.

2) The more you stop speaking and listen more, the more people will want to hear from you.

3) Listening creates understanding and empathy. Something we all value and appreciate.

We tend to lose interest in and stop listening to others who talk or chatter constantly.

When we spend more time listening than speaking, when we do speak our opinions and what we say are often valued and respected more by others.

The first step to true intellect is listening to others genuinely. Listening is also the first step to understanding.

Someone who won’t or can’t listen to others, can’t really grow throughout their life.

People who measure their own value on what they say, tend to have a very narrow point of view. Those who genuinely listen to others have the outlook.

Let’s all become better listener.


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