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Marie 90yrs old

Marie is a resident of Rideau Place Chartwell Retirement residence in Ottawa, Canada.

She was a former teacher and massage therapist. She created her own exercise video tape called "Wake Up Stretching" at the age of 69.

She always wears clothes that really fit her very nicely.

Her choice of cloths makes her look much healthier and active.

The last time I saw her, she was wearing a kids size 14 top from Old Navy and Birkenstock sandals.

1) Marie told me to take a second shot (right pic). She taught me how much look nicer when hands are up than hanging down .

2) Marie creates pressed flowers

3) These are dried orange peels on her hand made cards. She keeps record of sending her cards to friends and family members

4) Dried apple peels and dried orange peel

5) Marie sleeps on a sheep skin pad under cottons sheets and uses a buckwheat husks pillow for the best quality of sleep

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