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Online Class Schedule in November

Here is the schedule in November.

Cost of Program

$8.00 Individual classes

$80.00 for 3 classes per week/month

$100.00 unlimited /month

We accept a cheque, e-transfer or Paypal

Strength & Balance: Great class for falls prevention, and to gain balance and confidence. Total body workout by using light weights and bands.

Stretch & Relaxation: The deep diaphragmatic breathing combined with the stretch poses allows the body to unravel and soften creating calmness and deep relaxation.

Taichi Qigong: Original set of exercised created by Aging Gracefully Ottawa based on traditional Yang style Taichi, mare than a thousand years old from China. Let your body flow like a water stream, discover your inner peace and love yourself.

Chair Exercise: Workouts done while seated on a regular chair with back support. Done in a safe environment while still getting a total body workout to improve balance and posture.

Facial Exercise: Like our body, our face contains more than 50 muscles. You will stretch entire face through massage of the face, head and neck. These exercises improve the blood flow, release any tension of face and neck, and firms and tighten your face and neck.

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