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shallow breath

Can’t breathe deep, because of distortion or stiffness of the body?

As you breathing deeply?

The muscle called the diaphragm moves by breathing and the deeper the breathing the better. As you breathe, the diaphragm moves up and down and massages liver and stomach, making them both work better.

If breathing becomes light, the natural benefits of the natural work of the diaphragm decreases. But breathing is not always easy to do when unconsciousness or when breathing is affected by the seasons. In these times, breathing can become shallow, which in turn can result in the person becoming out of condition.

Do you know … “an internal organ’s fatigue causes a distortion to the whole of the body?" A pain in one part of the body can often be felt throughout the body. Similarly, it is not unusual for a pain in one part of the body to be relieved by improving the body as a whole.

Take posture for example. Maintaining good posture is primarily focused on keeping the body’s skeletal structure properly aligned, which in turn benefits the functioning of most muscles and internal organs. This includes the ability to take deep breaths. On the contrary, bad posture may put a burden on the entire body, including breathing. Better posture can result in better breathing, which in turn benefits the rest of the body.





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