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What is the Pelvis?

The pelvis is the name for a collection of bones and not just one. The pelvis consists of several bones: lumbar vertebrae, sacrum, coccyx (root of a tail) and the hip bones consisting of an ilium, an acetabulum (socket), ischium, and pubis bones on each side of the sacrum.

The pelvis is an essential part the body’s core. It is important as the center of the body where most of the muscles and skeleton of the human trunk are attached and supported.

A skewed will causes a misalignment of the whole body and often results in pain leading to back pain, from the pelvis to the head. An unhealthy or misaligned pelvis can also lead to a misbalance of hormones, causing other adverse health effects.

Keeping the pelvis aligned and working correctly maintains good balance of the whole body, which in turn keep a person healthy. The most natural way to maintaining a healthy pelvis is through good posture and exercise. A good pelvis will give a person better stability and balance.



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