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My name is Etsuko Inoue, I’ve been making miso paste for myself and my friends for 10 years.

I started my own miso company last year in La Pêche, Québec, only a 30-minute drive from Ottawa.

Today, I would like to introduce you to miso. The history of miso in Japan is over 1300 years old. A long time ago, it was sometimes used as medicine.

Miso paste is a mixture of fermented beans, rice and can be made with several other grains such as barley, millet, quinoa and buckwheat. It is a healthy probiotic food that helps support digestion by adding beneficial microorganisms to your digestive tract.

Nutritionally, miso paste provides carbohydrates with protein. During the fermentation process, carbohydrates turn into glucose, protein turns into amino acids and is water soluble; this process makes it easy to digest and facilitates the absorption of miso nutrients. It is also rich in the B-complex vitamins and contains several minerals, including calcium, iron, zinc, copper and magnesium.

Because it is a living food, with enzymes and microorganisms, it is best not to boil it. However, even if the miso has been exposed to high heat, the microorganisms become food for the digestive tract and will increase your probiotics.

It is a versatile seasoning and you can add it to stews, pasta sauces, stir fries, etc.; it enhances the flavour and will also tenderize meat.

Here are the easy miso recipes.

Miso Soup

-1 cup dashi (broth made with kombu (dried kelp/seaweed), dried shiitake mushrooms or dried bonito flakes) or water

-1 Tbsp. miso paste

In a saucepan, boil dashi or water (Optional: you can add vegetables and mushrooms – if you add tofu, add it when the vegetables are almost cooked)

Turn off heat and whisk in the miso paste at the end. Serve.

Miso Vinaigrette

-1/4cup Vinegar (Rice or Apple cider)

-1Tbsp Miso paste

-1/2Clove garlic (Minced)

-1Tsp Maple syrup

-3/4cup Olive oil

-Optional Fresh herbs (Dill, Parsley or Basil)

In a blender, combine and blend all the ingredients except the olive oil.

Slowly pour the olive oil.

KAMOSUMISO -- La Pêche, Québec

I have various kinds of miso pastes made with organic whole grains.

For more information, please visit my Facebook page at or email me at

Where to buy?

Lansdowne Farmers’ Market: May to October and during their December Christmas market.

Thyme and Again 1255 Wellington Street West, Westboro, Ottawa

Veux-tu une bière? 5105 Boulevard St-Laurent and 1451 rue St-Zotique in Montreal.

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