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Georgia Morissette

Georgia Morissette is a 71 year old yoga teacher in Ottawa area. My very first yoga class about 20 years ago was instructed by Georgia. Then 5 years ago, Georgia asked me if I wanted teach chair Tai Chi at retirement residents. Since then I have been working with her.

She sings and dances in her chair yoga program and it really made me re-think and re-structure my own program for senior people. Georgia gave me some great ideas on how to teach at the retirement residents. It is totally different from a regular gym, studio or club.

Georgia was born in Hungarian and moved to Canada age of 10. She speaks English and Hungarian. A former teacher and fitness instructor.


Georgia believes all food are good for you. She has no diet restrictions at all. Her only rule - stop eating when she is no longer hungry.


Yoga, Five Tibetans Walking, Paddle Boating, Pickle Ball.


Reading, brain exercise games, every day doing a good deed for someone and one for herself, cooking, crocheting and decorating.

Sleeping hours:

8-9 hours


The most unforgettable place is Fiji. Traveled to Maui and Los Angeles recently.

Favorite place:

Home and visiting with family

History of Sickness:

Appendix and kidney stone

Experience with menopause:

Pretty easy. Took vitamin E and hot flushes were minimal

Skin care:

Cleansing every evening and moisturizing and sun protection every day as needed


Fun and colourful clothes

What aging means:

Another day on the right side of the grass

The secret to being a healthy life:

Do the things you like. Exercise, rest, play and enjoy life

The most fun time:

The many travel adventures with my special partner of 49 years

Plans or goal for the future:

More of the same and enjoy each day as it comes.

Advice / message to the younger people:

Follow your passion and don't be afraid to switch if something else is of more importance to you.

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