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Foot Massage

Healthy Legs

The blood sent to the legs from heart has to return back to the heart again.

Often the legs are called the “second heart” as they pump back blood to the heart.

It is important to have a strong healthy legs. Exercising and massaging the legs promotes good blood circulation.

What Our Feet Can Tell Us

The soles of our feet are often a map to the health of our internal organs.

If your big toe is painful: it indicates a lack of sleep – your brain needs rest.

If your joints of toes are painful: it indicates your eyes are stressed - Do you spend many hours looking at computer or smart phone?

If your heels are painful: it indicates irregular periods or hormonal change.



指の付け根が痛い”目が疲れてるのでは? パソコンやスマホ飲み過ぎに注意しましょう。



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