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Ear Massage

Ears are made of skin and cartilage, they are soft and flexible. There are almost 200 acupuncture spots on each ear.

You will feel warmer by massaging the ear. The blood flow to your brain and lymphatic fluid will increase and you will feel relaxed in the neck and shoulders.

Your mind will relax, your eyes will feel refreshed and your face line becomes sharper.

<How to massage ears>

1. Massage ear lobe

2. Massage side of ear

3. Massage top of ear

4. Put a finger just inside of ear and push forward gently 5 times

5. Fold ear towards face

6. Hold ear with 2nd and 3rd fingers then move up and down 10 times

7. Pull ear outward and stretch



痛気持ちよい程度に、回数は好きなだけ 耳が柔らかくなるようにほぐして下さい。

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