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Latin Dance Workout/Chair Latin Dance

Latin dance workout is a Latin dance fitness program that combines dance and aerobic elements. A Latin Dance workout combines low-intensity and high-intensity choreographed moves to provide participants with an exercise program that utilizes intervals to burn a lot of calories. The workout is a total, aerobic, muscle-strengthening workout that can also help improve a person's balance, flexibility and energy levels.




Cost per session will vary by type. 



I am lucky to have Hiromi as teacher for my Tai Chi classes. We are working on the 24 form movements and these exercises hel me with my mobility and balance that are affected by the Parkinson's disease. The warm up movements have a clear influence on my body.

Andrei Fantaneanu

I find the program very helpful in relaxing. It is ood for the brain as well and I feel is doig my aging body some good.

Maggie Sheehan

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