Christine 100 yrs old

Christine Dahms was born in 1916 in Nova Scotia, Canada.

Her husband, originally from Germany, raised five children on at 200 acre farm near Montreal.

Christine has 17 grandchildren and many more great-grandchildren.

Christine believes her walking to school as a child, about 4 miles each day, really built up her strength. She believes walking is the best way to keep healthy.

Christine spends plenty of time daily in the recreation room where she enjoys doing jigsaw puzzles.

She says, we all have pain and ache here but some talk about pain and some don’t.

Christine says her positive outlook on life comes from her very optimistic father. He used tell her “keep the corners of your mouth turned up to be happy”. We should all try that.

Longevity runs in Christine’s family. Her mother lived until 101 and grandmother lived to 102. Way to go!

Christine uses her walker regular but she stands tall and straight. She does not use a hearing aid and has no problem hearing or understanding my accented English.