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Cooking Lesson in July

As part of Aging Gracefully Ottawa, I would like to introduce you to our new cooking program starting this summer.

We all like to eat. And as we all know, you are what you eat.

Cooking is a great way to activate your brain, create a healthy lifestyle and enjoy good food. Learning about new cuisine will peak your curiosity.

Our teacher is someone who has more than 20 years of experience teaching cooking to people with all levels of experience. I myself have been taking lessons from her more than 5 years and have thoroughly enjoyed her teaching.

Menu: Temari sushi, Miso soup, Teriyaki chicken wings, Cucumber in sweet ginger vinegar

Temari sushi, are small and ball-shaped sushi. They are ready to make and eat, and so pretty! Temari is a traditional Japanese embroidered ball, which people used to play with in Japan. These days, temari balls treated as decorative ornaments in the house. You will learn how to make colorful tamer sushi in the class.

Beside of sushi, you will also learn how to make Miso soup, Teriyaki chicken wings, and cucumber salad!! Best of all you get to eat what you cook and will be served dessert and tea with your meal.

Temari sushi picture is attached if you like.

Date: July 18 Thursday

Time: 17:00- approximately 3 hours

Cost: $45 per person

Register: Email to

I am looking forward to seeing you in a class.

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