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Jindra has been coming to my fitness class for 20 years and Taichi for 10 years.

All structures were designed by her and her husband.

I admire her life style so much.

Jindra and her dog just outside of her kitchen on the deck. It’s like a resort spa.

Path to her beautiful garden. I can’t believe this is in the city of Ottawa.

Tropical plant (on her left side). She takes the bulbs inside every fall and replants every spring.

A bench to view the garden

When Jindra and her husband gather with friends, this is their place to sing, play a music and enjoy a camp fire.

A tree house and rock climbing wall for their grandchildren.

Jindra loves her Japanese garden.

Jindra enjoys relaxing in her hot sauna.

Lots of tomatoes.

Thank you very much for squash!

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